I want to get a grant

The journey from a mere idea to the triumphant execution of a project demands the collective creativity of the research team, complemented by the valuable guidance and support from our proficient grant office staff. What are the fundamental stages in the project's inception and execution, and how can our assistance facilitate this process?

  I have an idea

We're here to collaborate with you on your project concept and recommend the most suitable grant application pathways.

I start to prepare the application

Our team collaborates with you to create an abstract, which undergoes faculty approval. We then guide you through the application preparation, maintaining communication with funding providers to provide detailed information of your interest. Additionally, we offer methodological support.

I have the application ready

We assist with submitting the application, including all required annexes, and provide support with necessary administrative procedures.

I wait for a funding decision

We continuously track the status and evaluation progress of submitted applications. In cases where projects aren't recommended for funding, we conduct in-depth analysis of the evaluation outcomes.

The project is proposed for funding

We'll provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process, from signing the grant or consortium agreement to making any necessary changes in the project, adjusting the budget, addressing staffing needs, and handling economic matters.

Implementing the project

Throughout the project implementation, we offer administrative, methodological, and economic support to ensure the seamless execution of the project and the achievement of its objectives.


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