Travel forms

Before your trip

Planning a business trip funded by a national or international project? You can receive comprehensive guidance on filling out the necessary forms. If you require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. If you create a travel form independently, please choose 'Save' only at the end. I will review all details, consult with the project administrator, and then proceed to submit the form for approval.

Thank you for your cooperation

  • Trip purpose

    Kindly specify the purpose of your trip, such as internship, conference, business stay, seminar, course, congress, meeting, or any other relevant category. You may also provide the event's name and indicate if you will be actively participating.

  • Employment arrangement

    If you have more than one, please select from the options provided.

  • Funding source for travel

    Please select the economic unit that will cover the travel expenses. Ec. un. - Faculty of Medicine.

  • Travel dates (date and time)

    Please enter the itinerary, including the scheduled departure and return dates and times. If you have not yet purchased tickets, include a buffer time. Do not use 00:00 or 23:59; adjust to at least 00:05 and 23:55.

  • Starting point

    Where do you plan to begin your trip and claim your fare? Will it be from your home or workplace? None of these options? Please enter your specific street address, street number, zip code, and city.

  • Trip destination

    Please indicate whether your trip is domestic or abroad. If it's an international trip, select the country and provide the city in the "Venue" field.

  • Ending point

    Where do you plan to conclude your trip? Will it be at your home or workplace? Both options will be available for you to choose.

  • Note to the approver

    This section is not mandatory. If necessary, you can include any relevant notes or information for the travel order approver.

  • Attachments

    Feel free to upload any supporting documents such as the program, poster, invitation, etc.

  • Transport

    If you're unsure about your mode of transport, you can choose from several options. Select "other" for public transport. If you're traveling by car, please provide your vehicle registration certificate, driver's training, accident insurance, and road tax payment. You can send these documents to

  • Fellow passengers

    If a colleague is traveling with you or you'll be traveling with a colleague, you can add their information using their UCO or surname. Additionally, checking the "Make data from this travel order available to fellow passengers" box will make it easier for them to access the pre-filled travel order when they enter it. This function can also be used for the expense report.

  • Financial check-up

    Always leave the first option checked. If you have any uncertainties about the financial resources, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Financial resources

    Please enter the order number, workplace/department, sub-order, activity, and faculty account. If it's unclear, feel free to reach out for clarification.

  • Expenses

    Subsistence costs are automatically calculated based on the stated travel duration. You can shorten the calculation by checking "breakfast," "lunch," or "dinner." However, it's advisable not to select any and let the maximum possible subsistence costs be approved. Actual expenses will be settled after your trip.

    If you have any accounting documents (invoices) that need to be paid by FM MU before the trip, please list them in the "Related costs" section.

    Any costs you personally incur during the business trip will be reimbursed upon your return, provided you submit original copies of tax documents along with payment confirmation, such as a bank statement.

  • Advances

    If you require an advance, specify the amount and preferred currency for collection at the cash desk. Alternatively, you can select the second option, "Do not require an advance".

  • Save

    Once you've completed all the necessary information, click this icon. Your travel order will be reviewed by our office and submitted for approval.

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Create a new travel form

After your trip

Have you recently completed a domestic or international business trip funded through national or international projects? Below, you'll find essential information regarding the documents and supporting materials needed for closure, both electronically and in hard copy. If you've already completed the travel details yourself, please always choose "Save" at the end. Once I receive the documents, I'll carefully review everything, coordinate with the project administrator, and then submit the form for approval.

Thank you for your cooperation

  • Trip report

    Please provide a detailed description of your trip, including its main purpose, content, relevance to the project, and the project's name and number. (If you're unsure, you can omit the project details, and I'll assist in completing them with the project administrator.) Include the actual start and end times of the trip, as well as information about any meals provided as part of accommodation or the program. You can send all this information as a text via email.

  • Documents

    Your expense report should encompass all original documents related to travel costs, accommodation, parking, etc. If you've made cash payments, please retain all receipts. For credit card transactions, provide us with a bank statement displaying the transactions. Additionally, please include any relevant program, abstracts, or market research materials (if applicable).

  • Save

    If you're completing the data yourself, click this icon at the end. Our office will review the travel form and accompanying documents before forwarding it for approval.

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