How was the year 2023 in research and development at our faculty?

Take a look at what the year 2023 brought in the field of research and development at the Faculty of Medicine MU. What awaits us in 2024? Take a short look back at the past year.

1 Feb 2024

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We achieved many successes in 2023: 

  • 250 grant proposals submitted

    The faculty submitted a total of 250 new project applications.

    102 new projects of internal, national and international schemes were launched.

  • 58 AZV grants submitted

    53 applications were submitted to the Czech Health Research Council:

    • 35 projects with MED MUNI as principal investigator
    • 23 projects with MED MUNI as a co-investigator
  • 69 millions for AZV grants

    A total of 11 projects were supported, with a total of 68 788 000 CZK allocated.

    • 8 projects with MED MUNI as principal investigator
    • 3 projects with MED MUNI as a co-investigator
  • Prestigious international grants

    We have started the implementation of the Central European Advanced Therapy and Immunotherapy Centre (CREATIC) project, supported by the Teaming for Excellence call of the Horizon Europe programme. The European Commission grant, supplemented by national co-financing, in the total amount of approximately EUR 35 million, will enable the establishment of a research centre for the development of cell and gene therapies aimed at the treatment of paediatric and adult patients with selected rare diseases.

    Academics from LF MU have been involved in dozens of international projects under Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, NIH, Wellcome Trust, Erasmus+, Interreg, etc.

  • 7 projects supported by GA ČR

    In 2023, the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic will support 7 projects of applicants from LF MU.

    • 4 projects with MED MUNI as principal investigator
    • 3 projects with MED MUNI as a co-investigator
  • 17 projects supported by Internal Grant Agendcy of FM

    The LF MU Internal Grant Agency supported a total of 17 new projects:

    • 12 Start-up grants
    • 2 Accelerate grants
    • 2 Postdoc grants
    • 1 Junior Research Group grant 
  • 1 grant Career restart

    Tereza Váňová succeeded in the MU Career Restart Grant Agency's call to support the return to scientific career after a break caused by e.g. parental leave. 

  • 68 publications supported from resources of the Publication fund

    The Fund for Support of Excellent Publications supported 68 publications by first or corresponding authors from FM MU, classified in the Q1 and Q2 categories of Web of Science for a total of 4 800 000 CZK.

  • 565 articles in journals with impact factor

    565 articles were published in a journal with impact factor:

    • 1st decile 96 (17 %)
    • 1st quartile 100 (18 %)
    • 2nd quartile 208 (37 %)
    • 3rd quartile 85 (15 %)
    • 4th quartile  76 (13 %)

    *Data valid on 31. 1. 2024

  • 3 publications with highest evaluation in Module 1

    results from FM MU authors received the highest possible evaluation in Module 1.

  • 7 new research groups

    At the Department of Medical Genetics and Genomics, Department of Histology and Embryology, Department of Biology, Department of Anatomy, and 1st Department of Neurology 7 new research groups were established

    In total, there are 26 research groups established at the FM MU

  • 12 new associate professors and professors

    In 8 areas, the following were appointed:

    • 9 new associate professors
    • 3 new professors
  • 41 new Ph.D. graduates

    There were 41 new Ph.D. graduates in 10 Doctoral degree programmes. 

  • Establishment of the spin-off company MilkyWay be Well

    In April, the first spin-off company of LF MU MilkyWay be Well was founded.

    Thanks to the Bořil family's cooperation with the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychosomatics, eHealth tools are being developed to improve mental health in the work environment and prevent mental illness. This application received an honorable mention in the Czech DIGI@MED Award.

    A team of researchers from the same institute has also developed an app to support the mental health of cancer patients, MOUMindCare.

  • Results of applied research

  • Activities within the SPARK network

    • 8 educational SPARK Europe Webinar Series
    • 1 new course for PhD students summarizing comprehensive knowledge related to innovation in medicine
    • 4 Joint Mentoring Events

    After 2 years of receiving the HR Excellence in Research Award (HR Award), a self-assessment was conducted in the form of an Internal Review and revision of the Action Plan. The European Commission appreciated the thorough and systematic implementation and implementation of the FM MU HR strategy.

    The HR Award Action Plan now contains 99 unique measures for the years 2021 - 2026. After its revision, 3 new areas were added - the Safe Faculty, Supporting Faculty Social Engagement, and Implementation of the Outcomes of the International Evaluation of Research and Doctoral Studies.

    • 55 measures completed 
    • 44 measures under implementation
  • Awards and success stories

    Also this year, scientists from MED MUNI received many awards and recorded significant achievements in their research activities.

    The list of all achievements would take several pages, so you can read more here

  • What awaits us in 2024?

    We have many new milestones and exciting challenges ahead of us. Among other things, we are looking forward to the implementation of the first-ever international ERC Proof of Concept grant, which was awarded to Adam Williamson from the ICRC LF MU and FNUSA in January 2024.

    Thank you for your tireless work and we look forward to working with you and what 2024 will bring.

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