PhD Day

Invitation to PhD Day 2019 to all 1st year PhD students and all 5th and 6th year Master´s students at the Faculty of Medicine and their supervisors. It will take place at the university campus (A22/116) on 19th September and all invited students from the Faculty of Science plus CEITEC MU, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Sports Studies are welcomed.

Based on the positive feedback from last year we would like to repeat PhD Day annually and we hope to make it a tradition.

We invite not only enrolled PhD students but also MSc. (Mgr.) students who might consider future PhD. Please join us to get practical recommendations, seek for your future PhD team (mini-fair at lunch break) and discuss with other students and/or supervisors.

Due to the limited capacity of the lecture room please make a registration at MUNI Shopping centre until 5th of September. If your PhD supervisor wants to join as well, please make a reservation for 2 people (twice with your name). Free coffee break and lunch for registered participants.

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