Markéta Bébarová Group: Excitability and its Disorders


The research group originates from the fruitful history of electrophysiological experiments which were performed at the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University from 1960s.

We are currently dealing with various clinically-relevant aspects of cardiac and neural electrophysiology, mostly focusing on drug-channel interactions, inherited cardiac channelopathies, characteristics and impact of t-tubules on the function of cardiomyocytes, and changes of neural excitability associated with neuropsychiatric diseases.

Open Positions

We are currently seeking namely for motivated postdocs and PhD students interested in neuronal electrophysiology and in mathematical modelling of excitable cells. For the actual information, please contact the PI ( or check Open Positions

Markéta Bébarová

Group Leader

telefon: 549 49 3147

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