📢 Invitation to the SPARK Studio workshop | Early-stage Excellence – Life Science Pitch Strategies and VC Due Diligence | SPARK The Midlands | Glenn Crocker

You're invited to the next SPARK Studio workshop on the 24th of July at 4 PM!

Led by industry experts, SPARK The Midlands has organized a series of lectures and workshops called SPARK Studio to promote innovation in healthcare technology in the region.

1. 7. 2024

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Dr Glenn Crocker MBE is Executive Director of Pioneer Group, a company that creates human and planetary health ecosystems through venture building and real estate. At Pioneer, Glenn is responsible for the venture building and venture investment business. Over 30 years in the industry, he has co-founded and invested in many life science companies, especially in the discovery and development services sector. As founding CEO of BioCity Group, he built a successful business that was acquired by Trinity Investment Management in 2021, providing an excellent exit for shareholders and leading to the formation of Pioneer Group. He has a D Phil in Immunology from Oxford University and qualified as a chartered accountant with EY, where he ran the UK Biotech practice. In 2014 he was awarded an MBE for services to the biotechnology industry.

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