Internal grant agency (InGA) Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Call 2024 - LF Accelerate

This funding program is designed to assess the application potential of research results and achieve a significant shift towards clinical practice. It applies the principles of the highly successful SPARK Stanford Program.

6. 9. 2023


  • The applicant must be an employee of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University (engaged in research), at least 0.5 employment contract under the faculty.
  • It is a project of applied research or experimental development according to the Frascati manual definition.
  • The project proposal addresses an unmet clinical need and has the potential for application in clinical practice.
  • The project will accelerate the subject to the next Technology Readiness Level, TRL.
  • Planned activities are not the subject of another project.

Submission of project proposal

Project proposals will only be submitted electronically via ISEP.
Deadline of project proposal submissions: 11th October 2023. The faculty deadline for electronic approval of the project proposal in ISEP is: 13 October 2023.


CZK 500,000 per project for up to 2 years

Start of funded projects

January 1st, 2024

Contact person FM MU


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