University of Tartu, Estonia - International Anatomy Olympiad

19. 5. 2021

We are excited to announce that University of Tartu, Estonia will be hosting the third International Anatomy Olympiad on August 27-28, 2021. The competition is intended for first and second year medical students from various medical schools.

We are expecting around 12 teams from all over Europe with 3 students in each team.  The olympiad will test students’ theoretical and practical knowledge of anatomy, as well as creativity and teamwork skills through interactive tasks. The topics will cover all human organ systems, meaning that second year students might be more suitable depending on your curriculum.

The theme this year is Anatomy Cruise ― a journey through the human body

There are no participation fees. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse travel or accommodation expenses for participants. We will however provide food and drinks (lunch, dinner and refreshments). The event is organised by medical students from University of Tartu.

We are currently in the process of contacting potential participants and would be most grateful if your university considered participating. You could either select your representing team(s) (no preliminary selection arranged by us) or alternatively, advertise the event to all 1st/2nd year medical students via poster/e-mail.

The first teams to contact us directly will be selected to participate. We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

We have attached our poster for your reference and you can visit our website for more information. 

Kind regards,
Management team of IAO (International Anatomy Olympiad)


Kristina Hermann
Specialist for Marketing and Communication
Dean's Office, Faculty of Medicine
University of Tartu, Biomedicum, Ravila 19, Tartu, Estonia, 50412

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