The perception of color testing in early detection of the macular diseases



Rok publikování 2018
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Optics and optometry forum 2018 : Proceedings of student's conference
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Klíčová slova macula; deficiency; color; vision; D15; Lanthony;
Popis The perception of color testing in early detection of the macular diseases is a dissertation research implements at the Clinic of Eye Diseases and Optometry in the Faculty Hospital St. Anne, Brno, Czech Republic People over fifty are in risk group of the degenerative changes in the retina. The most common cause are Age-Related Degeneration (AMD) and diabethic retinopathy, that affect primary vision because of macular involvement. In developed countries is an AMD the leading cause of of practical blindness. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of complete blindness. Color perception test is performed on the experimental and control group. The experimental group, which has diagnosed a disease affecting the macula, and a control group without diagnosed eye disease. First time is measured the visual acuity of probands with the correction and then is conducted Lanthony D-15 Standard test and Lanthony D-15 desatured test. Testing is done monocular. In conclusion is detected density of eye lens by Pentacam because of the exclusion of probands with a high degree of cataract. Subsequently is evaluated statistically average value of the angle (confusion angle), TES (total error score), S-index (selectivity index), C-index (index confusion) and FTS with standard and desatured test. The results are compared between the two groups in order to determine whether is there a statistically significant difference. First results show a statistically significant difference.
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