Offspring of women with gestational diabetes: a 5 year follow-up



Rok publikování 2020
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Popis Background and aims: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) represents a risk factor for both mother and her offspring in short-term (perinatal morbidity) as well as long-term horizon (postpartum diabetes or foetal programming). A lot of studies focused at peri/postnatal complications and selected parameters of GDM mother´s offspring, however relatively few were designed as prospective. No such study focused on this topic in Czech Republic so far. The aim of our study was to ascertain possible anthropometric and developmental abnormalities and/or morbidity in offspring of GDM mothers compare to controls in a 5-year follow-up. Materials and Methods: The prospective study comprised 89 offspring-mother pairs, of those 26 with GDM and 63 controls. Following offspring parameters were evaluated: weight, length/high, blood pressure, resting heart rate, psychomotor development, morbidity, need for regular drug therapy, need for regular specialist doctor observation, status of vaccination, duration of breastfeeding. Following perinatal data were available: offspring weight (macrosomia), length of delivery, necessity of delivery induction, necessity of instrument usage, necessity of Caesarean section, Apgar score, Base excess, cord blood PH. Results: At the age of 12 and 18 months, offspring of GDM mothers had significantly worse speech abilities (didn´t say any word at 12 months of age and didn´t link words in 18 months of age, P=0.015 and P=0.009 resp., Chi-square test). Psychomotor development and school readiness test was borderline worse in GDM group at 5 years of age (P=0.048 for both, Chi-square test). Offspring of GDM mothers were more ill in their first 5 years of age and need hospitalisation (P=0.022, Chi-square test). Adverse perinatal outcomes had no significant influence on offspring psychomotor development or morbidity up to 5 years in both groups. Offspring of obese mothers had significantly worse speech abilities in 18months of age (P=0.034, chi-square test), a higher percentile weight-for-high as in 3 years (P=NS), as in 5 years (P=0.04, Mann-Whitney test). Conclusion: This is unique prospective study focused on psychomotor development in a cohort of offspring of GDM mothers, comprised perinatal outcomes. Pilot results indicate certain differences in selected parameters in offspring of GDM mothers, especially in speech abilities and total morbidity. Moreover, were found a significant link of mother´s obesity and offspring adverse outcomes (increased adiposity and worse verbal language), however, validity is diminished by small number of obese respondents Acknowledgement: Study was supported by Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, grant nr. NV18-01-00046
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