Informace o projektu
A cellular immunotherapy virtual twin for personalised cancer treatment (CERTAINTY)

In our project CERTAINTY, we aim to develop a software tool stack to accompany the application of CAR immune cell therapies in the clinics right at the dawn of this potentially revolutionary cancer treatment. The aim of a virtual twin for cellular immunotherapies is to provide patients with a personalized therapy for the best possible treatment outcome. This also meets the fundamental medical need to identify the right patients for the currently costly and sparsely available CAR T cell therapy. Based on a patient’s relevant data his virtual twin will be compared to the virtual twin representations of other patients and their treatment outcome to support patient-specific treatment decisions. As the therapy itself is a complex “living” system, the virtual twin will also incorporate the cellular and molecular state of the patient’s cell before and during the course of therapy. This enables treatment decision support to be tailored to the patient’s current condition. As cellular immunotherapies are still very young and thus not many patients have been treated already, the virtual twin will use continuous learning strategies to adapt the models of the virtual twin using the representation of newly seen patients for the benefit of future patients.

Cíle udržitelného rozvoje

Masarykova univerzita se hlásí k cílům udržitelného rozvoje OSN, jejichž záměrem je do roku 2030 zlepšit podmínky a kvalitu života na naší planetě.

Cíl udržitelného rozvoje č.  3 – Zdraví a kvalitní život Cíl udržitelného rozvoje č.  4 – Kvalitní vzdělání Cíl udržitelného rozvoje č.  9 – Průmysl, inovace a infrastruktura

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